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High Line Division was one of the first companies, if not the first, to implement triple drone inspection in our service catalog. Mounting a visual camera enabled us to obtain high-definition images and videos, an Ultraviolet camera for the detection of partial discharges and Corona effect jointly with a Thermal camera for the detection of hot spots and thermal monitoring in a three-axis gyro-stabilizer led to perform a comprehensive single-flight inspection on high-voltage transmission and distribution power lines.

Currently those times have been left behind. Despite same can be done, High Line Division no longer bases the inspection on the recording of videos for later viewing. Nowadays LiDAR surveys for the creation of 3D simulations are carried out, so High Resolution Photogrammetry for the generation of Orthophotos are performed and jointly combined with use of the latest technologies applied in information techniques, Artificial Intelligence and Post Data Analysis, which places us at the forefront of this technique.

With the capability to mobilize our crews and equipment from Spain to remote places like Antofagasta in Chile, Wetar Island in Indonesia, Chelyabinsk in Russia or Karachi in Pakistan, passing through several Middle Eastern countries such as Saudi Arabia, Yemen or Libya, known by our professionalism, experience and services quality. This is High Line Division.


Our catalog comprises following services:

Additionally following services are also included in our catalog for customers provision:


Relevant to highlight that given the nature of our operations and the scope of our work they led us to decide that the best option in the inspection of high voltage power lines is counting on personnel with proven experience in the maintenance and construction of these facilities. Reason why we have trained our Organization staff in RPAS "Drones" piloting and in gyrostabilizers and specific cameras (4K-IR-UV) operation and management tasks. As a result, High Line Division actually comprises certified Pilots who are also Certified Linemen, Certified Technicians in Live Line Works (LLW), Electrical and Civil Engineers in the execution of RPAS Drones inspections.

Post-data analysis is carried out in our own facilities where we count on necessary hardware and software computing support for an effective analysis of the information obtained on site and proceed to the issuance of the pertinent reports.

We have at our disposal one ATO Pilot Certification Center of proven experience to provide formation, recycling and regular training to our Pilots and Operators as well as for training our Clients staff in Drones Pilotage. Training programs include the specialties of Camera Operator, Radio Operator to establish contact with the CTC as per regulation, besides different methodologies inherent to the device and sensor to be used in the inspection.


Our services are focused to both Electricity Utilities interested in outsourcing services of inspection or control services of their Power Transmission and Distribution Networks and those interested in developing their own equipment for the execution of these tasks. Hence High Line Division provides a service of formation, training and certification of the personnel, as well as a complete consultancy service in aircraft, cameras and accessories acquisition.

High Line Division also provides technical assistance for aircraft cameras assembly, integration of them as well as the design, consulting, assembly and commissioning of computer systems adjusted to the needs of the Customer for the whole usage lifetime and cover the Life Cycle of equipment and software necessary for the proper implementation, operation and maintenance of aircraft, cameras, instruments and dedicated computer equipment.

Our training services are also available for those who want to acquire the necessary formation for the development of these activities in their professional career, and thus expand their professional horizon and improve their quality of life.

For further information about HLD Drone Team please do not hesitate to contact through our website, by mail to droneteam@highlinedivision.com, info@highlinedivision.com, or by phone at +34 91 6717464. Also presence visit at our headquarters located in #5 Polo Sur Street, 28850, Torrejón de Ardoz Madrid.

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