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4800 MW 500KV BURULLUS COMBINED CYCLE POWER PLANT Contract 0001/809860 for the
RTV High Voltage Insulator Coating Siemens AG - Egypt Branch & Egyptian Electricity Holding Co.

Contract scope of work includes, aside the supervision of local works of:

   Application of Room Temperature Vulcanizing High Voltage Insulator Coating over existing insulators.

   Check RTV HVIC thickness with Ultrasound tester device.

   Removal of masking protections to restore installation back to normal.

Insulator surface preparation consists in the performance of high pressure washing of insulators with demineralized water and final drying with clean rags soaked with solvent and film protection of metallic structure against over spraying.

Sometimes and in order to apply high quality coatings over specific equipment the need of environment control appears, either caused by high level of suspended particles (dust, sand, Kalima, etc) or because the presence of high winds affecting the application procedure; we proceed with the assembly of scaffold featuring a micro net to control the environmental aspects of the surroundings.

Room Temperature Vulcanizing High Voltage Insulator Coating applications strictly follow written and customer approved procedure developed for this purpose and edited for each specific project to ensure its suitability and maximum quality application.

Quality ensured by rigorous quality controls performed by our technical and quality assurance team, with multiple thickness coating measurements to our applications in randomized points by using ultrasonic measurement device like Positector 200.

For Burullus Combined Cycle Power Plant the following equipment have been coated:

   39 Pcs. 500 kV Transformer Bushings (Including Spare Transformer)

   12 Pcs. of 500kV Capacitive Voltage Transformers

   6 Pcs. of 500kV Coupling Capacitor Voltage Transformers

   54 Pcs. of 500kV Surge Arresters

   13 Pcs. of 500kV Post Insulators.

   12 Pcs. of Wave Trap Isolators (Transmission of Signals)

   10 Pcs RIP Condenser Bushing SF6

Our RTV HVIC applications are guaranteed for 10 Years, together with Midsun Group USA we work hard to provide our customers with reliable solutions to avoid and eliminate Polluted Induced Outages, saving their companies from highly cost maintenance schedules and more expensive equipment repairs and substitution increasing the life time of their assets and helping to have a more reliable electrical installation.

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