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High Voltage Live Line Insulator Washing Project of 69/13,8 kV Overhead Power Lines & Substations.

High Line Division S.L. carried out the Live Line Insulator Washing of 69 kV Overhead Transmission Lines, 13,8 kV Overhead Distribution System and Substations of Petromasila at Masila-CPF Facilities in the territory of Yemen.

The equipment used for project execution was an Aerial Lift Altec AN-650 with a Water Pressure Hotline Insulator Washer Skid manufactured by A.B. Chance, and Hi-Ranger featuring Manitex Crane with a Manbasket assembly.

Project was completed in due according to program with Zero incidents, outages or near misses reported.

860 Poles maintain, composed by 403 Poles for 69 kV for Transmission Lines and 457 Poles for 13,8 kV Distribution System, including seven (7) Substations, Pole Mounted Equipment and general electric auxiliaries have been washed in Live Line with No Power Interruption, reducing the production losses up to Zero and increasing the high voltage network efficiency and reliability.

Live Line Washing process includes the complete washing of Seven (7) Substations (69 kV/13.8 kV) that belongs to the system network.

Live Line Washing of Substation includes a removal of any foreign object in Live Line without power interruption to avoid potential outages caused by metallic foreign objects.

Project includes Infrared Scanning sweeping at overhead installations for Hotspots detection and imminent failures detection of the installation.

Project was completed achieving all established objectives related to Quality, Safety and Environment Protection, and as usual in high Line Division exceeding Client expectations as shown the Completion Certificate provided by Petromasila.

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