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Contract 9685L943 for 69 kV Hiline Repairs Services and Installation of 5,032 Stock-bridge wind dampers in Hotline.

High Line Division S.L. carries out the integral maintenance and repairs of 69 kV transmission lines for Petromasila at its CPF facilities in Yemen.
Works have been performed in Hotline conditions the major of the times to maintain production running and minimizing production loss to minimum levels while we perform our work.

Following activities have been performed:

-  Conductors maintenance & repairs.

-  Maintenance & repairs of damaged pole mounted load disconnectors.

-  Replacement of damaged armour rods.

-  Replacement of automatic splice sleeves.

-   Installation or replacement of missing or damaged hardware & fittings.

-  Hotline insulator washing.

-  Restring & retighten of loosen Guy Wires.

Starting the 8th October, 2013 until the 30th November above mention works have been perform in a duly diligence manner, complying with all Client and international standards with Zero outage, incidents, accident , near miss or material damage reported by PetroMasila.
We would like to thank all Petromasila personnel for their support, professionalism showed to us, and the warm hospitality we receive, is a pleasure and a honour to be your Hiline troubleshooting Company for your transmission / distribution lines.

Project was completed achieving all established objectives related to Quality, Safety and Environment Protection, and as usual in High Line Division exceeding Client expectations as shown the Completion Certificate provided by Petromasila.

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