High Line Division S.L. is committed to operational excellence and our aim is to provide our customers with products precisely matching their requirements.

Management, partners and associated companies has the commitment to engage the main activities of the firm, related with the design of lines, electrical installations and their processing, with the search and fulfillment of the needs of:

   Clients: improving product and service quality.

   Personnel: creating an adequate work environment and maintaining their technical level.

   Suppliers: setting collaboration paths in order to achieve continuous improvement.

For this reason, a Quality, Health & Safety, and Environmental Management System according to the standards ISO 9001, ISO 14001 & OHSAS 18001 has been implemented, defining and reflecting the organization of all facts affecting the quality of its actions, the commitment to achieve client satisfaction and the fulfillment of legal and regulatory requisites. All of this is done through a continuous improvement philosophy, for all our products and processes, involving the whole personnel of the firm, facilitating their communication and participation, and assigning the necessary resources.

The Quality, Health & Safety, and Environmental Management System has been certified by internationally recognized certification company TUV NORD according to standards ISO 9001:2008, ISO 14001:2004 & OHSAS 18001:2007 as stated by Certificates showed below.

The specific and/or exceptional objectives regarding Quality, Health & Safety, and Environmental are defined in the review meetings of the System that the Management organizes regularly, based on the data analysis and follow up.

In order to guarantee the compliance with the mentioned ISO 9001:2008, ISO 14001:2004 & OHSAS 18001:2007, High Line Division CEO has designated a Management Representative who, with independence of other responsibilities, has the authority to ensure the Integrated Management System is established, implemented and maintained in the whole field of HLD, as well as to inform about its status to the Management.

In the Quality Plan, the processes are defined for their application in all of its activities. These processes can be divided in: strategic, operational and support. All of them are interrelated and they create a continuous improvement circle, with the processes measurement, their analyses in the review of the System by the Management and based on review policy, objectives and resources review for the improvement to come real.

In order to guarantee the Integrated Company Policy (Quality, Environmental & OHSAS) is understood, applied and kept up to date by every level of the organization, it has been presented to the whole personnel, explaining its content and the importance of its adequate implementation to achieve the general objectives of High Line Division.

The Quality Plan develops the following procedures, from which documents and instructions are generated. They are regularly updated and their compliance is reviewed throughout internal and external audits:

    Elaboration And Control Of The Documentation

    Records Control

    Revision Of The System And Data Analysis

    Human Resources Management

    Infrastructure Maintenance

    Client Related Activities

    Design And Development

    Purchases, Subcontracting And Suppliers


    Measurements Team Control

    Client Satisfaction

    Internal Audits

    Incidents (Non-Compliant Product Control)

    Corrective And Preventive Actions

Environmental Plan includes procedures, from which documents and instructions are generated. Maintained updated and their compliance level is reviewed throughout internal and external audits:

    Identification and assessment of environmental aspects

    Identification and assessment of legal requirements

    Training, formation and awareness

    Operational Control

    Emergency Preparedness and response

Our Occupational Health & Safety Management System is composed by, but not limited to the following main elements to optimize the control of risks:

    The Quality, Environmental and OHSAS Management Manual (MAN/SIG/QHSE/01 Rev.2) which establish the general guidelines regarding Quality, Environmental and OHSAS Management System.

    Occupational Hazard Prevention Manual (PR-06-A2 Rev.2), in order to comply with OHSAS standards, High Line Division S.L. has an external Occupational Health & Safety Assessment Company which develops an specific Manual that includes all mandatory rules and obligations applied to our work. This manual is developed by Geseme PRL Company.

    The High Line Division Occupational Safety & Health Manual (MAN/SIG/SST/01 Rev.1) which describes general safety procedures, rules and standards.

    The Electrical Safety Code of Practices which gives practical advice on electrical safety obligations.

    Specific Health & Safety Surveys (Transformer Centres, HV & MV Overhead Lines & MV & LV Underground Lines Surveys), which provides full information about the prevention and protection means that Crews and linemen must apply in working in Transformer Centres, High & Medium Voltage overhead lines and Medium and Low voltage underground installations.

    The Task Risk Assessments, which describe, for each type of work, the necessary preventive measures that must be taken to ensure safe and environment-friendly operation.

    Job Safety Analysis

    Pre Job Hazzard Assessments

All potential hazards raised form our operations are discussed and recorded on Daily Toolbox meetings, where all Crew members are informed of their duties, roles and responsibilities on the task takes place.

Our object: The practical implementation of responsible management practices where to reduce and minimize the risks to an "As Low As Reasonable Practical" (ALARP) level, whenever has the potential to cause an incident or an accident.

The efficacy of the management and continuous improvement system is evidenced through the adequate use of the system tools such as: Objectives and indicators of processes adherence. The system also helps in managing risk, sustaining the registered findings and detecting improvement areas in critical points of the organization for the sustainability and continuous improvement of our Quality, Environmental & OHSAS Integrated Management System.

    All our QHSE Management System composed by the different Manuals, Procedures, Safety Instructions, Specific Health & Safety surveys and assessment, together with local record and templates is available at our website (www.highlinedivision.com) in our "Crew Only" access site.

    Our management system are available for our customers Management and QHSE personnel for audit purposes by providing with full access login username and provisional password.

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