Preventive Maintenance Program

Our Preventive & Predictive Maintenance Program covers:

  •    Overhead Transmission Power Lines, HV, MV & LV Electric auxiliaries installation, maintenance & troubleshooting
  •    Underground Distribution Systems & Cable Termination installation, maintenance & troubleshooting
  •    Live Line Insulator Washing
  •    Live Line Maintenance developing Rubber Gloves (up to 45 kV), Distance method (up to 400 kV) & Bare-Hand techniques
  •    Power Transformers & OCBs installation, maintenance & troubleshooting
  •    Switchgears maintenance & troubleshooting
  •    Thermal Imaging

The A,B,C of high voltage overhead power lines and distribution system maintenance:

Live Line Insulator Washing of overhead power lines and substations

Preventive & Predictive Maintenance in Live Line without power interruption and NO lost of production

Thermal Imaging to ensure installation is in optimal conditions


Live Line Insulator Washing

Portable Reverse Osmosis System produces water with high low level of conductivity, using water with less than 100 microsiemens conductivity, with A.B.Chance Hotline Water pressure insulator washer we can guarantee a safe washing procedure according to international standards

The washing of the overhead power lines on a regular basis guarantees that there will be no outages due to bad weather conditions, e.g. fog, dirt and further. Therefore, it increases efficiency and circuit reliability, improves safety and reduces overall maintenance costs compared to de-energized methods of maintenance.

Live Line Preventive & Predictive Maintenance with Rubber Gloves, Hotsticks & Bare-Hand methodologies

We are executing preventive and corrective maintenance of overhead power lines and electric auxiliaries (fuse-holders, disconnect switches, etc.) using these methodologies that allow us to install a high voltage By-Pass over the fuse holders or line disconnects which enable our technicians to work on energized installation without the necessity of shutting off the power of the transformer


Onsite Transformer Maintenance Scope of Work

  •    General hauling, installation, troubleshooting
  •    DGA Oil sample taken
  •    Cleaning & replacement of bushings
  •    Replacing pumps, coolers, fans and radiator assemblies
  •    Re-gasketing
  •    Replacing gauges
  •    Internal inspection & repairs
  •    Load Tap Changer servicing
  •    Welding & Painting
  •    Thermal Imaging inspection

Switchgears Maintenance Scope of Work

High Line DivisionĀ“s technicians produces full detailed report and recommendations for each switchgear and cubical that are inspected. Most electrical and mechanical problems within the oil industrial plant operations are manifested by temperature changes before failure. As electrical connections become loose, there is a resistance to current that can cause an increase in temperature. If left unchecked, heat generated can raise to a level where connections begin to melt and connections open. Sometime, fire results.

In addition to lose connections, problems can arise from load imbalances and corrosion. Regular Thermal Imaging inspections can locate hot spots before severe problem occurs.

High Line DivisionĀ“s Predictive and Preventive Program Increases production integrity, electrical inspection & thermal imaging, provides a record while under operating conditions. Provides the benefit of elimination of unscheduled downtime caused by equipment failures, reduction in maintenance costs and increases high voltage network reliability and performance under aggressive weather conditions

Onsite Switchgear Maintenance Scope of Work:

  •    MV Incoming connections
  •    HV Open Switchyard connections
  •    Loose breaker connections
  •    Faulty crimps
  •    Loose UPS cell links
  •    Faulty UPS cells under discharge
  •    Badly torque bus bar connections
  •    HV Switchgear
  •    Motors
  •    HV Cables
  •    General repairs & troubleshooting
  •    Full detailed reporting

Thermal Imaging & Infrared Scanning using a self-contained, hand-held thermal imaging camera, High Line Division team can carry out a thermal sweep of an electrical installation to identify temperature differences caused by changes from normal operating conditions or hotspots which can indicate a developing problem such as a loose or corroded connection on the following equipment:

  •    Overhead Transmission Power Lines, HV, MV & LV Electric auxiliaries
  •    Switchgears
  •    Power transformers, OCBs & SF6s
  •    Motors
  •    HV/MV/LV Cables and Cable terminations

Our program efficiency is granted by:

  •    History
  •    Consistency
  •    Accuracy
  •    Safety
  •    Quality

History means that High Line Division keeps records of everything done on your equipment and what happens to it. Historical records can mean the difference in identifying a problem or chasing a wild goose.

Consistency means that our senior technicians do the routine the same way at the same time. High Line Division develop a work program of routine inspection and specification that will be followed at all times, data is gathered on inspection check list that ending the day will be uploaded on system database for further analysis.

Accuracy means that all data High Line Division collects is repeatable and reliable. We record all ambient conditions when doing so. High Line Division uses the most up to date equipment that has been design for the specific job to be perform, which are linked to our onsite laptop to produce report of all test and inspection that have been completed and for you the Client.

Safety is the most important consideration to High Line Division when considering the inspection of high voltage installations. We do a full risk assessment of your sites, when do a full site survey. We have our own PPE procedures which are formulated on the Arc Flash Protective Equipment Hazard Risk Category Guide. When we work on de-energized equipment we have our own Lockout/Tagout procedure in which we work with your safety department and the people doing the switching for us.

Quality is the key of our success; High Line Division is committed to operational excellence. To reach our objectives, we will have to maintain a constant focus on quality with full dedication, commitment, and teamwork.

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