High Line Division S.L. has developed a specific procedure for the application of RTV HVIC Silicone in accordance with national and international regulations, with the highest standards of Quality, Health & Safety at Work, and Environmental Management as contemplated and applied in all our operations.

Our application is fully guaranteed and meets the highest standards of Quality, Health & Safety at Work, and Environmental Management as certified by TÜV Nord within the scope of issued certificate as follows:

"Application of Room Temperature Vulcanizing High Voltage Insulator Coating (RTV HVIC) on Electrical Substations and Overhead Transmission and Distribution Lines"

Either both the "Application Procedure of RTV HVIC in High Voltage Overhead Lines and Substations" of High Line Division S.L. than the controls and processes derived from it are duly documented, especially on regard of the relevant Quality Controls, within the preparatory work, during the execution of the application and the final result of the application performance.

All control procedures derived from the RTV HVIC application operations have been developed in compliance with regulations and legal, environmental and other requirements linked to the triple standard ISO 9001, ISO 14001 & OHSAS 18001 voluntarily signed by the High Line Division.

Some procedures related to this process are shown as follows:

   Quality Control of RTV HVIC Application
   Procedure for Working at Heights.
   Procedure for Dangerous Chemical Products Handling.
   Procedure for Waste Management.
   Procedure for Lifting Equipment and Aerial Platforms Use and Operation.
   General Risks Assessment on work sites.
   General Risks Assessment for Maintenance Works in High Voltage Overhead Lines and Substations.
   General and Specific Risks Assessment for RTV HVIC Application in High Voltage Overhead Lines and Substations.

With a Quality, Environment, and Health and Safety Plan duly implemented, communicated to interested parties and public access availability on our website: Quality, Environment, and Health & Safety Plan of High Line Division S.L

Quality, Health & safety and Environmental Management Plan

The development of RTV HVIC application tasks is divided into specific stages which include:

   Preliminary Phase and preparatory for manoeuvre (Safety, resources, personnel,…)
   Preparation of Working Area (lifting equipment setting, barriers and signalization,...)
   Checking of equipment to use and RTV silicone preparation.
   RTV HVIC Application.
   Quality Controls.
   Cleaning, tidiness and installation hand over.

Preliminary Phase and preparatory for manoeuvre Preparation of Working Area Checking of equipment and RTV preparation
RTV HVIC Application Quality Controls Installation hand over

The application of RTV HVIC helps to reduce:

   Costly Maintenance shutdowns.
   Unnecessary wear and tear to system back up units.
   Reliance on peak loading generation.
   Pollution induced outages.

The application of RTV HVIC offers:

   Prevention from power system outages and damages caused by animals.
   Excellent resistance to weather, chemical and human type (vandalism, sabotage,...) effects.
   High dielectric resistance when adverse work conditions (polluted environments, humidity,...).
   Equipment protection and lifetime increase against damages due to outages caused by bad weather conditions, pollution, bird life or other unexpected events.

High Line Division crews rigorously apply international regulations and other regulations for working in high-voltage installations, and also comply with Company Policies related to Quality, Health and Safety at Work, and Environmental Protection. Proof of our commitment is the granting by TÜV Nord Certification Company of the Triple Certification ISO 9001 for the Quality Management System, ISO 14001 for Environmental Management and OHSAS 18001 for Health and Safety at Work

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