Training & Formation

High Line Division Manpower Formation & Certification Services

As one of our major activities, and due to the exigencies assumed by us to comply with international standards, occupational hazard prevention and quality management system requirements, we are committed with excellence on the performance of our activities.

Exhaustive training matrix is strictly followed by our technicians and linemen on site, monitored by our HSEQ Section, training requirements and certification process is fulfilled by external leader companies recruited for this purpose from Europe.

For Live Line works Somarriba Development S.L.U. (leader Company in Spain exclusively dedicated to high voltage live works) often to travel to our site operations for training, qualification, audit & certification process.

Picture above, theoretical session for aerial devices on our classroom,

Picture below, Live Line Insulator washing using A.B. Chance water pressure equipment from 6X6 Desert truck featuring scaffold structure

As High Line Division has the necessary infrastructure to provide to our customers with this service, all our customers has the possibility to provide their personnel (direct employees or subcontractors employees) with the same training, qualification, certification & audit process, for the following activities:

  •    Fire Fighting
  •    First Aid & Electrical Shock Injuries
  •    Working Safely in Confined Spaces
  •    Works in Heights
  •    Aerial Devices
  •    Defensive & Desert Driving
  •    Cranes, Operations & Slinging
  •    High Voltage Lockout/Tagout
  •    Live Line Insulator Washing
  •    Working in Proximity of Energized Parts
  •    Live Line Maintenance with Rubber Gloves (up to 45 kV)
  •    Live Line Maintenance with Distance method (up to 400 kV)
  •    Live Line Maintenance with Bare-Hand Method
  •    Underground Distribution Systems
  •    Heat Shrink Cable Termination

Other specific training programs can be provided under demand

Training program contains the following contents:

High Voltage Installations Maintenance & Troubleshooting (7 Days)

  •    Introduction to High Voltage
  •    Elementary Electrical Principles
  •    Electrical hazards
  •    De-Energized Work
  •    Live Working
  •    Overhead Systems
  •    Overhead Systems Construction Process
  •    Substations
  •    Underground Networks
  •    Working Procedures
  •    Attitude and Aptitude
  •    Rubber Gloving Check Lists
  •    Leakage Current record Sheet
  •    Accident Causes Diagram

Heat Shrink Cable terminations (3 Days)

Thermal Imaging Principles & Thermal Camera Use (2 days)

Picture above, Somarriba Development Engineers performs a demonstration about "How to test our Rubber Gloves using Hypotronic Meggering Equipment".

Picture below, onsite demonstration of "Bucket Truck Emergency & Rescue Response Plan"

Below Harouge Oil Operations technicians sent to Jordan to attend Live Line Working training for Distance methodology

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